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Eingang AP


This part of the webpage contains information for the assistants.

Please note that experiments will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon in the autumn semester 2023. Please check this webpage regularly for updates. Thank you for your cooperation.

Important dates you should have in your calender are the following:

  1. AP Welcome Event | What is the AP like?
    date will follow soon

    General information about your job in the upcoming semester and possibility for you to ask your questions. Afterwards, there is time to do the experiment(s) you will be responsible for. Who? This event is mandatory for new AP coaches, while coaches that have already been part of the AP team in the past do not need to come. A personal invitation will follow by email.
    How to get there: Directions to Uferstrasse, Site Plan (both in German), or check the General Information (English).
  2. AP School Event | A school class from AGS school Basel comes for a visit
    Thursday, September 28th at 08:45 | Uferstrasse 90, Basel

    Pupils from AGS school Basel come to Uferstrasse and carry out AP experiments supervised by our coaches. Depending on the experiment, this will take 2 to 3 hours. The coaches discuss the experiment with the students, and assist them during the data taking. The analysis of the measurement data will be assisted by the school teachers. Who? Coaches responsible for the following experiments:

    IM3 - Maxwellsches Rad
    IM5 - Doppler-Effekt
    IM6 - Zentrifugalkraft
    IE2 - Permeabilität vom Vakuum
    IE3 - Induktion
    IE4 - Spezifische Ladung des Elektrons
    IU3 - Lichtgeschwindigkeit
  3. AP Correction Event | Guidelines on how to correct a protocol
    date will follow soon

    There will be a presentation with guidelines on how to correct protocols, then we will look at some examples and talk about the "AP error calculation". A short discussion will follow. Moreover, you will get information about the safety features of our lab rooms at Uferstrasse. We will also discuss the corona health protection concept. Who? This event is mandatory for all AP coaches.
  4. First regular AP experiments | Let's start!
    date will follow soon

    From now on there will be AP experiments you have to supervise on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon following your personal schedule (will be published no later than the end of the first week of the semester).

Please read the handout General Information carefully before the semester starts. It contains information about your job as an AP assistant, shows were the AP lab is situated, informs you about your duties before and during the semester, tells you how to correct the students lab reports, and so on.

The checklist is meant to be understood as a guideline on how to correct protocols.

If you have any further questions please contact .